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We offer a 12 months installment plan to settle your child's tuition in Kuwait at ZERO cost. Your child's future begins here!

Our offering


Sharia Complaint

Our offering is with 0% interest. No hidden fees

Easily Apply Online

You can easily apply online through our website.

No Salary Transfer

Our offering does not require a salary transfer to a specific bank

For All Grade Levels

We target all grade levels from Preschool to Grade 12.
No cost

Zero cost tuition financing

3 Simple Steps.
  • Sign up

    Sign up and fill in your details and schools to apply for

  • Select Plan

    Choose the most suitable monthly installment plan

  • Upload Documents

    Upload the required documents and submit

Amazing Experience

Simplified and digitalized experience for Schools

As a school you dont have to worry anymore about financing, we digitalized the experience in a way that meets Kuwait Regulations.
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Dashboard Access

We Provide you a dashboard with all you need!
Meet the Schools/Nurseries

A Growing list

Serving all private schools and nurseries in Kuwait

What type of financing do you offer?

We offer a sharia compliant financing plan over a 12-month period, in partnership with an Islamic financing company.

How can parents apply for financing?

Parents can easily apply by submitting our form. Once we review their details, parents will be asked to provide us with the required documents.

What type of documents will be required?

In order to process the financing request, parents will be asked to provide their salary certificate, civil ID / passport copy, school acceptance letter and bank account details.

How will the financing be processed?

Once approved, the financing will be processed through an accredited Islamic financing partner in Kuwait.

What are the fees and charges?

Parents will pay ZERO additional fees. Financing will be provided with 0% interest to parents.

Do I need to transfer my salary?

No salary transfer will be required.

Can I get this financing plan at any school or nursery?

We only offer this at partner schools and nurseries. Please contact us if your school / nursery is not registered with us.

What happens if a student drops out during the school year after receiving the financing?

The parent will be obliged to settle their 12-month installments. Refunds or cancellations will be according to the terms and policies of each school or nursery.

Is it possible to apply for more than one child?

Yes, a parent can apply for more than one child as long as the required documents are provided for each child.

Can I finance pending payments from the previous school year?

Please reach out to us and we will review the request separately.

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